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Welcome to MicroGenesis Training Center

MicroGenesis Training Center is a division of MicroGenesis CADSoft Pvt. Ltd. set up to provide training on CAD/CAM/CAE and BIM Products and Technology.

The Center is an Autodesk Authorised Training Center (ATC) in Bangalore and leverages experience and expertise gathered by MicroGenesis over the past decade to provide high quality and professional training on CAD/CAM/CAE and BIM Products and Technology.

Autodesk Authorized Training Center

An Autodesk Authorized Training Center provides the best way for beginners and experts alike to get up to speed. Find out about the latest productivity features, learn best practices, and develop the skills you need to make the most of your Autodesk software. Get the greatest return on your investment, faster, by building your knowledge in the areas you need the most. At an ATC, you'll learn from highly qualified instructors at superior facilities. ATCs base their classes on Autodesk recommended course descriptions and have the added advantage of Autodesk Official Training Courseware materials.

Quality distinguishes Autodesk ATCs from any other training provider. ATC managers and instructors are given a great deal of support from Autodesk to ensure that your training experience exceeds expectations. Facilities are held to the highest standard so you enjoy a comfortable classroom setting with a workstation dedicated solely to you.