MicroGenesis Services

Our Consulting Services Division, set up exclusively to cater to the technical services requirements of our customers, has the experience and expertise to configure and integrate the required CAD/CAM Solutions into the design, engineering and manufacturing workflow of our customers.

Developing custom applications

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Developing custom applications:

If you are looking at Design Automation where a design process has been standardized but has to be repeated for every variant of a component or assembly, we can help you automate the entire process in AutoCAD or Autodesk Inventor. By giving a few inputs in a dialog box, we can help you generate hundreds of drawings automatically based on your proven in-house design-rules.

If you have a custom in-house library of standard parts that you would like your entire design team to use by choosing from a menu/dialog box interface, we can help convert it to a standard library for use in AutoCAD or Autodesk Inventor.

Implementing Data Management Solutions

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Implementing Data Management Solutions:

MicroGenesis has pioneered the implementation of Data Management Solutions using Autodesk Vault family of products and has proven expertise in installing, training and configuring Autodesk Vault Software to streamline data management challenges.

If you have large amounts of unmanaged CAD data spread across various desktops in the company, then the time is right to implement an integrated, easy to use, out-of-the-box data management solution from Autodesk, the Vault family of products.

BIM Implementation

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BIM Implementation:

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APS (Autodesk Platform Services)

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APS (Autodesk Platform Services):

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Temporary/Permanent Staffing Solutions

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Temporary/Permanent Staffing Solutions:

Our objective is to provide our customers with the most competitive and efficient staffing solutions so that they can have the right people at the right time working on the right software to complete their projects on time.

Permanent Staffing: We provide recruitment solutions as per your Job Description and provide candidates who can be directly onboarded to your company's payroll.

Deputation Staffing: This involves temporarily assigning employees from our organization to work on your specific projects or tasks. The employees remain on our payroll but work under the direction and supervision of your organization for a predetermined period.