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Autodesk Professional Certification is a Program for users of Autodesk products to assess their skills and knowledge by examination.


It is more than just an informal self-assessment of a practitioner’s knowledge; it is a tool to manage user skills development and help improve recruitment processes by identifying a pool of formally validated skilled talent in the market. Certification also helps the user gain a competitive advantage in the market place by providing reliable validation of skills and knowledge, which translates to higher quality of performance applied to commercial projects.


To earn an Autodesk Certification credential a user needs to pass an Autodesk Certification exam or series of exams. All certification exams are delivered in a secure and proctored (observed and secure) environment.


Currently, Autodesk offers certification exams for AutoCAD, Inventor and Revit Architecture.


Certification Exams


There are two levels of Autodesk Certification, which are designed to assess a candidate’s knowledge and skills of specific Autodesk applications.


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This certification level covers the fundamental concepts and procedures in an Autodesk application, and is targeted to all software users. This certification exam comprises thirty (30) multiple choice questions and does not require the use of Autodesk software. This knowledge-based certification is a prerequisite to the Certified Professional and Certified Expert levels.

This certification level covers a broad range of skills, and requires an individual to perform tasks and procedures using the Autodesk software. This certification exam comprises twenty (20) performance-based items. Professional level exams require an individual to open a drawing, complete a task or series of tasks, and then answer a question about that task. This certification is a prerequisite to the Certified Expert level.